The Oaktree Classic trial this past weekend  was sooooo fun!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect!!  Lyle did a really good job on the judging and was a
lot of help. He did something special for the Novice Class, in having a mini session with each handler after their run, to review what they did right and how things
could have gone better for them.  Everyone loves that input!  He also gave a short review at the Ranch Handlers meeting to remind folks of how and when they were
losing points, that really helped a lot of the Handlers to have  better runs!  So we all really appreciated that!  Lyle also brought some dogs with him and kept 2
crated in his truck, so he brought the sheep back when we needed to reload.  Really saved a lot of time, so things just kept rolling right along.  Food was awesome
this year.  Saturday we had Bobbie’s special chili that everyone loves and ham and beans & cornbread, sooo good.  We had Lisa Minor's chicken and noodles,
mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls on Sunday......... OH MAN that was worth coming to the trail for Tom and I want to thank everyone that pitched
in to help.  We have soooo many volunteers that step up and pitch in.  We couldn’t put on the trial without your help!!  You have to go out to Paula’s picture link
on our site…….. she does such a great job of taking pictures while you all are there.  Hope you enjoy them!!  Thank you Paula!   A huge Thank You to my kitchen
crew, Bobbie, Lisa, Paula, Berney, Rose, Doris.  A special thank you to my brother Roger, who gets up early and gets the fires going, so we all can stay nice and
toasty in the cool morning air, and he is just my general ‘if it needs to be done, do it’ helper! Everyone needs a Roger!   Thanks to all who Setout/ Setout Pen/
Scribes/  and had several other volunteers thru out the day that went out to help!  So many folks pitched in  but please know Tom and I really really appreciated all
the help we get!!   Our buckle sponsors, Kate Ogle, Sharon Harris, and Ray Evens, you guys are awesome!  Thank you so much.  !!!  We had lots of old friends and
NEW friends to come this year,  folks from OK, MO, TX,  Iowa and Ohio....  always good to meet lots of new Dog friends!  We are hoping we will get to see
everyone again at the Oaktree Sooner Nov 5 & 6!!   We so enjoy putting on the trial, because everyone pitching in the help sure makes it easier!  We hope you
guys enjoy it too!!

Thank you,  Tom & Ruth
Oklahoma Stock Dog Assoc.
2015 Open Ranch Sheepdog of the Year

by @@ Hatsoff Jack x Hatsoff Jewels by Hatsoff Buff
Owned/Handled by Buford Barrett
MSSDA Route 66 Cattle Dog Trial
May 14th & 15th
2nd Place Ranch Over All

by Raider x Dallie
Owner: Tom Hines - Handler: Landon Minor
largest trial known, 400 runs in 2 days.
Sam, had a perfect run. There was 42 dogs in Joe & Sam's Pro-Novice class. Sam finished 6th and less than a minute off the first place
dog, at the end of Saturday he was still in the running for the "over all buckle.
Handler - Landon Minor

Joe, the last obstacle was what call a keyhole - it is a ally, with two escape holes, and pen the back. Joe had the going down the alley, and
my HANDLER let one cow slip out a hold. He would have finished somewhere in top 8.  (oh well, it is what it is)
Handler - Ruth Hines

Joe, had them in the mouth of the keyhole and one cow starting to walk in and then time ran out.

Sam, had rough time of it. The rain front was 10min. out. He had the last set of cows in the pen, and came out running to the barn. I
thought for awhile he had them back under control, but after the first obstacle the cows decided they didn't want to play anymore.
Steve Wight and Sugar Overall Open Champion
It really was a very nice trial………rainy both days and colder than you want it to be, and the wind is usually always
blowing over at Duckhead, so of course we had wind…..but Mike had his big tent setup for us and it has sides on it.   
cattle were good both days and lots of folks got qualified for the USBCHA finals.  Everyone really seemed to think it
was a good trial.
Click pic to enlarge
by @@Hatsoff Cap
dam -  
(Somer's) Callie
Welcome to Duckhead
It’s all about God, Family, Fellowship, Friends and Dogs
This banner is what it is all about with my family at Duckhead and what these words mean from the Minors.
DUCKHEAD – Our ranch name is to honor our late son Jared, (twin of Landon) who was killed in a car wreck in 2002. He loved to duck hunt therefore, his high
school classmates placed a duck head sticker on their vehicles in memory of him. This is how our ranch received its name.
GOD – In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth, Gen. 1.1. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made, John; 1.3.
Who sent his only begotten son to save those who were lost. For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost, Luke; 1.10. I stand in humility before
Him each and every day and thankful for the grace of God, we believe.
FAMILY – Honor your mother and father. Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Teaching trust, honor, values, morels,
respecting others, humility and treating people the way you want to be treated. Looking someone in the eye when you are talking and greeting with a firm handshake or
FELLOWSHIP – Loving one another with a true sincere friendship. Remembering and telling old stories. See old and new friends and have a good time. Where you
can relax and feel a sincere environment.
FRIENDS – are those you feel most comfortable around. Who are sincere and have no hidden motives.
DOGS – The dogs are what brought us together and all they want to do is please us. They will work all day if need be, and are always there for us when needed.
What just happen this past weekend at our Duckhead Spring trial was beyond my wildest dream. When you have almost 400 runs in two days you have to been first
blessed, you better have good help, be well organized and a strong committed family. We had all three clicking each day and finishing before 6:00 pm both days. When
I first started having trials at Duckhead I ask God to bless the name Duckhead if it be his will, in honor of Jared. I ask Him to let me have a final here, He gave me the
Regionals. I ask Him to give me a national final, God blessed me with better than the National Finals. He gave me the largest trial known. I was so humbled Sunday
night, tears of joy ran down my cheeks. Praising God for blessing a family and a trial called Duckhead in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma. There are not enough thank
youse I can say to each and every one that came to watch, participated, helped, cooked, timed, kept score, pushed cattle, open gates, put up tarps, broke cattle, kept
books and I know I am missing someone. A sincere thanks to all those who traveled so far to come. You all were a part of something special and my family sincerely
loves all of you for supporting a trial that means more to my family that just a trial.
It’s all about, God, Family, Fellowship, Friends and Dogs.

May God bless all of you.
A sincere love,
The Minor Family
R.I.P. Guinea Bird - NO, the dogs didn't get her. We noticed she wasn't
around, so we looked for a body, feathers or blood and I've looked in all
the fields for sign, BUT NOTHING. We have come to the conclusion that
a Owl or big bird flew off with her. :(  If it was a dog or varmint that got
her, then there should have been some kind of signs, but nothing
OAKTREE Cattle Dog Trial
June 18 & 19
Duckhead Ranch South Coffeyville, OK
Handlers meeting at 8:30 a.m.
Sanctioned by USBCHA , MSSDA
Tom and I want to thank everyone for coming to the June Oaktree CDT.  It was such a HOT weekend,                 so we know it was a big
effort for everyone to come!    Seemed like even though it was hot everyone had a good time.  PTL  Mike let us use his tent, so we could
all sit comfortable in the shade and we had a good breeze both days.  We especially want to thank Mike Minor for graciously letting us use
his wonderful facility again!  We would not have been able to put the trial on if not for that.  We also want to send out a
HUGE thank you
to Dr. Robert Jobe
for taking care of the cattle for us all weekend.  I don’t think we could have done it without him, since both Mike and
Landon were out of pocket for the weekend.    Also a big thank you for those of you that so willingly offered to help Robert thru out both
days to set out cattle.

And several of the club members helped out by running the scores and posting them.  Thanks to Buford and Ty for being our judge, score
and time keepers.   Just so many folks stepped up to help.  Thank You!!  Tom and I especially want to thank Rich Hall for giving our
Devotion Sunday morning.  It was awesome, they have a wonderful story to share about love and forgiveness that we can all apply to our
lives.  Tom and I thought the trial went pretty smooth, we hope you all had a good time and hopefully we will get to do it again!  
Thank you all for coming!!   
Tom & Ruth Hines
Rich Hall & Skip
Tommy Blessing & Conner
Tommy Blessing & Clyde
Rex Rose & Newt
Click on pic to enlarge
Pictures from the trial
You don't need to sign up
to see the pictures.
Oklahoma StockDog Association
2015 Dog of the Year & Play Days
2015 RANCH Sheepdog of
the Year.
Lorenz Thelen & Tess
2015 OPEN Sheepdog of the
Nancy Dunn & Ben
2015 NOVICE Sheepdog of
the Year.
Nick Wilson & Piper
Sheepdog of the Year.
Buford Barrett &
Oaktree Karmie
No 2015 OSDA cattle trials

Oklahoma StockDog Association,
drop their 2016 trial sanction fee to
They were able to get qualified for the 2016 USBCA National Cattle Dog Finials in Creston, Iowa.
"Levi won the 2016 NCA Midwest Regional Open Finals!!!"
by Hatsoff Cap x (somers) Callie
Owned/Handled by Steve Wight
Duckhead 2016 Fall Trial
Another Duckhead trial has come and gone. Over the years the Minor family, has meet some remarkable people who have
become, (we feel) part of are extended family and friends. We have been blessed to have all of those that come to watch, help,
participate and support, we can’t thank you enough. It not all about winning; it about family, fellowship, friendship and running
your dog. Here at Duckhead, I am so thankful that there is no animosity and everyone enjoys themselves with the fellowship
and friends they meet. The Minor family wants to send a sincere thank you for all the support and we truly feel it is one of the
best family reunions we could have. There are not enough thanks I can say to each and every one that came to watch,
participated, helped, cooked, timed, kept score, pushed cattle, open gates, put up tarps, broke cattle and done all book work.
I stated before and I will state it again; Success from any trial starts with great people, handlers, dogs and good fellowship.
Thank you, thank you for all your support. My family is honored by all of you.
Sincere Thanks and God Bless
The Minor family
We were almost shut out at Duckhead, until on Sunday when Dree was able to make a good enough run in
the Pro-Novice to bring home a check.
Oaktree Levi and Steve  
Open Champions in Central Point, OR!
Sheep Dog Trial
October 8 & 9, 2016
Click on pic to enlarge
Pictures by Paula
November 5 & 6, 2016
Well, we had another just beautiful weekend for a dog trial!  Good turnout, great food, lots of good visiting going on,  lots of good dog runs,  
lots of folks stepped up to help, just all and all another great weekend.  God is just so good to us, and we are so thankful for all of his
Blessings!  Thank you all for coming and spending your time with us.  We know there are lots of places to go and Tom & I appreciated that
you chose the Oaktree Sooner to come and run your dogs J

We hope you will come back again next year!!  Probably all of you had your pictures taken over the weekend by Paula.  Be sure to click on
the ‘Pictures by Paula’ link to view all of the pictures.  After talking to some of you at the trial, I realized that lots of you didn’t realize they
were there available to look at.  She does a great job and we really appreciate her giving us pics to remember what a great weekend we had!  
To all of you that stepped up to help, we couldn’t put on the trial without you, so Thank You soooo much!!  Hope to see you again next
year!  Thanks   Tom & Ruth
Pictures by Paula
Hatsoff Jewels x GK Chip by Hatsoff Jack
Owner/Handler: Kim Jacobs
1st Place Horseback Division