@@Hatsoff Cap
2011,10 Qualifier Nat. Cattle Open.
2010,09,08 Oklahoma Stock Dog Assoc. Open Cattle Dog of
the Year.
2009 Oklahoma Stock Dog Assoc. Res-Open Sheep Dog of
the Year .
Intermediate Champion"
*OAKTREE LEVI 2015 NCA National   Intermediate
*OAKTREE LEVI 2014 & 15 NCA National Horseback
Intermediate Champion"
@@Hatsoff Jack x Oaktree Beth by Tate's True
Owner/Handler - Robin Abbot of Michigan
First trial Rose took 1st & 3rd in Novice
CONGRAUTIONS !   Landon Minor
of Duckhead Ranch on your purchase of DR SAM.  
We would like to wish you both much success in the
Grandaughter of @@Hatsoff Jack
owner/handler Nekki Danley
of Michagan
Hi Folks, the 2015 year couldn't started off any better for the Oaktree blood-lines.  

It was very exciting to see pups by our Jack and Cap studs compete and win on the National level but I
think it is more exciting to see the talent continue to be passed down thru lines of their pups.

Jaime Gonzalez of Klamath Falls, Oregon and his good dog CANELO just won the 2015 Redbluff
Cattledog trial and topped the sale at a whopping
$13,000.  (to see more of Jaime and Canelo friend him
on Facebook).
 Canelo is a son of Jaime's good dog Oaktree Rusty.  Rusty is by @@Hatsoff Jack x Alba

Congratulations Jaime, we couldn't be happier for you!
CPH ARENA Cattle Dog Trial
Owasso, OK
Hosted by Travis Cumming
Sponsored by Mike Minor and Steve Knipmeyer
As many of you know Ruth was able to get Dree qualified for the National Nursery Cattledog Finals. God made it
possible for us to get to go this past weekend. Dree is a very inexperienced dog, so we were feeling very blessed
just to be there.  
They had to go through 2 qualifying round, and then the top 10 dogs went on to the Championship round. Guess
what, Ruth and Dree made it to the Championship round, so we were both on cloud 9. The Championship course
was the largest course Ruth had ever tried to work, and of course a inexperience Dree was way in over her head,
but Ruth & Dree handled it the best they could.
Ruth and Dree finished in 8th place, but we felt like we had won the hole thing by just getting to Championship

We would like to thank Mid-State Stockdog Assoc. for sponsoring Ruth & Dree.
South Coffeyville, OK
April 18 & 19, 2015 --- Start Time: 7:00am
Host: Mike & Lisa Minor & Family
NCA, & CCA Sanctioned
Jerry Davis Open Champion Mike
Minor Open Reserve Champion
Steve Knipmeyer Nursery Champion
Bob Johnson Nursery Reserve
Mark Triggs Intermediate Champion
Jerry Clanton Intermediate Reserve
Keith Gilleon Pronovice Champion
John Tate Pronovice Reserve
Charles Holt Novice Champion
Jerry Clanton Novice Reserve

2015 National Cattledog Assoc. National Finals
Steamboat Springs, CO.

Congratulation : Steve Wight from ID. & Jaime Gonzalez from OR.

Steve & Oaktree Levi
were 1st in the Intermediate Class "on foot" & 1st in the Intermediate "horseback" class.
(by @@Hatsoff Cap x (Somers) Callie by TF Casper)

Jaime & Oaktree Rusty were 4th in the Intermediate "foot" & 3rd in the intermediate "horseback" class.
(by @@Hatsoff Jack x @Alba Nan by (Dr. Ligon's) Nick

Click pic to enlarge
Today is truly BLACK FRIDAY for us here at Oaktree, we lost Hatsoff Cap today.  
He was 14 1/2 years old.  Cap lived with us for 12 years and I was truly honored to own
a dog as talented as Cap was.  Cap won many titles, he sired 2 National Champions,
and I'm sure his line will go on long after I am dead and gone.  

THANK YOU MR. CAP, that'll do.  
JULY 17, 18, 19,   2015
Dog of the Year recipients for 2014 are
Angie Coker-Sells and Andy in Open
Susan Bennett and Bode in Open Ranch
Tina Coker and Lucky in Ranch
Justin Barrett and Spice in Novice
14 years
1/29/2001 - 7/17/2015
Alasdair MacRae: "Cap is a nice dog"
Elvin Kopp: ”I’m very impressed with Cap”
Trial Results
We had a really fun playday.  Was a hot one, but we had shade and a good breeze, so everyone stayed comfortable,
considering the heat :)  Had a good crowd.  lots of good dog play and conservation.  Was so good to see Bob Brown
and Teresa out after his fall, and Rebecca Ferda made the long trip over.  We had a new person from Atoka come for
all 3 days, Lorenz Thelen, he had a nice dog with him.  I think the highlight for Saturday was the Silent Gather event.  
Now that was really fun and something we plan to do again.  Thanks Kate for judging that!  Congrats to Buford and
Karmi on the win.  Tom and I want to thank everyone that came, as it was really a hot weekend to get your dogs out.  
OPEN: Angie Coker Sells,
accepting "Lucky"
RANCH: Tina Coker,
accepting "Lucky"
NOVICE: Justin Barrett,
accepting Tie
OPEN RANCH: Susan Bennett
Levi was awarded as the 2015 Int. High point dog
of the year in the NCA!
Bartlesville, OK
June 13 & 14, 2015 – Start time 8am
by @@Hatsoff Cap x (Somers) Callie

Congratulations Steve Wight and Levi on your Open
1st place win at North Platte trial!
2015 NCA Northwest Regional Open Champions  
Owner/Handler: Steve Wight
by @@Hatsoff Cap x
(Somers) Callie
Sicamore Moose
by @@Hatsoff Cap x (Lewis) Islase
Owner/Handler Dr. Robert Jobe
Last week we went to the 2015 Okla City Fair Sheep Dog Trial.  We had to run 2 trials each day, with a Championship trial
each evening.  On Tuesday, Jewels placed 2nd in the Open Ranch Class, her daughter Karmie, won the Open Ranch Class,
Owner/ Handler Buford Barrett.  Karmie won the second trial, and Jewels run was a disaster and didn't make the
Championship Round, but her daughter Karmie won the Championship.  

Wednesday was not as good for Jewels and Karmie.  Jewels put together 2 solid runs to make it back to the Open Ranch
Class Championship Round.  Karmie also had a 1st place & 4th, good enough runs to make it to the Championship round.    
Karmie finished 4th and Jewels finished 5th in Wednesday's Championship Round.  Justin Barrett qualified our Sue for the
Wednesday Championship Round for the Ranch Class.  

We were so proud of Buford and Karmie!!  Great Job!!
Open Ranch Class
by @@Hatsoff Jack x Hatsoff Jewels by Hatsoff Buff
Owner/handler: Buford Barrett
Tuesday and Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 22 & 23 , 2015
Sanctioned by Oklahoma Stock Dog Association & United States Border Collie Handlers Association
South Coffeyville, OK
October 3-4, 2015 --- Start Time: 7:00am
Host: Mike & Lisa Minor & Family
NCA, & CCA Sanctioned
Words cannot describe how thankful the Minor families were blessed this past weekend at our fall trial. God gave us great weather,
great help, good cattle, fellowship with old and new friends that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. The response of entries was
truly unbelievable. The run totals for two days were 279, including the South Central Regional Finals on Sunday. The Minor family
would like to personally thank each and every one that participated, watch or helped with our trial. We considered all of you are
extended family. We were truly honored that you took the time and traveled to South Coffeyville,Oklahoma for our trial. None of this
could have been possible without you. Success from any trial starts with great handlers,dogs and good fellowship.
True friendships start from core values, how we treat people, how we wanted to be treated, your word means more than life itself, you
greet someone with a hand shake, (or a hug in my case) and look someone in the eye when you talking. I honor all your friendship and
thank God every day for the grace he has shed on the United States of America.
A Sincere thanks,
The Minor family
Hey guys, Tom and I want to thank everyone that helped to pitch in this year to make the Oaktree Fall Classic one of the best and biggest
trials we have ever had.  You guys are so generous with your time to help do the setouts, reshuffling the livestock, scribing for the judge,
helping with the food, doing the entry table.  I could just go on and on, and don’t dare try to name you all by name, for I would be sure to
leave someone out.  But a BIG THANK YOU to all of you!  And of course we couldn’t do any of it, if you guys didn’t come and run your
dogs!  We thank you so much for all of the competitors that come and enter.  We couldn’t do any of it without the entries.  We were
especially fortunate this year with the weather.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend to have a trial.  That by itself made
it sooo fun!!    I especially want to thank all that helped with the food preparation.  We had lots of good food both days!    Tom tried
something fun and new this year.  He added a Scare Crow contest to the trial, anyone could enter…..we have 6 really nice entries with
Buford and Cindy winning with the Scare Crow on the ‘pot’  LOL  was awesome.  Great job of originality!!  I think he plans to do that
again next year, so you all be thinking of something for your entry. :)   Well, I guess I better quit running on and on…….. Just a Big Thank
You to All who participated in the Oaktree Classic this year.

We hope to see you all back at the Washington County FFA and 4H Benefit Sheepdog Trial to be held at our place on Nov 7 & 8.  You all
get your Pre-Entries emailed into Tom!  Thanks again and hope to see you November :)
Saturday & Sunday, October 10 & 11, 2015
Bartlesville, OK   
Sanctioned by USBCHA , OSDA  
Pics by Ruth
Washington County Junior Stockdog Benefit Trial FFA & 4-H
November 7 & 8, 2015  
Pictures by Miss Paula  
Pics by Ruth
Pics by Miss Puala
Tom & I want to thank everyone that came to the Washington County FFA Benefit trial. We had a very good crowd this year, lots of
very talented Handlers and dogs.  Had a great group of kids show up each day that helped with all of the jobs we could think to
place them in, setting out sheep, opening and closing gates for the handlers, running scoresheets back and forth from the judges truck
to the secretary to post, helping the lunch crew carry out the food, carrying the dog food prizes out to the winners trucks.  Just
anything we could think of they were right there willing and ready to work.  They even stayed after the trial was over and helped take
down all of the tarps, put up tables and chairs, took down posters and banners and hauled stuff back into the house.  In general,
helped get our place back to normal.    Thanks kids!!  Also, want to say a huge thank you to our volunteer judges.  That's a hard job,
so we really appreciate Buford Barrett and Bob Brown for being willing to do that for us each year.  Bob and Teresa came down
with something and were not feeling good on Sunday, had to spend most of the day in their trailer.  We really appreciate Lyle East
for stepping up and helping to fill in as Judge for Bob on Sunday.  Don't know what we would have done without folks willing to
help out as needed!  We don't have a final count yet as to how much money was raised for the FFA, but know it was over $2000.  
We will get back to you all with a final tallie on that.  Also want to thank all of our sponsors that help out with the cost of buckles,
port-a-pot, dog food prizes, food, etc.  It takes alot to put on a trial, so we are especially thankful for all of the sponsors that step up
to help with that.  Buckles: Dr. Ruth Thompson, Tom & Ruth, Tony Solow, Charcoal Drawing: Steve & Gerry Knipmeyer, Dog
food: Mid America Feeds, Misc: Oklahoma Stock Dog Assoc, Dr. Ruth Thompson, Tony Solow, Tom & Ruth, all of the food
helpers, Paula Young, Barbara Harmon, Lisa Minor, Doris Abels and Rose Carte.  Paula and Berney Young for cooking the Handler
supper, bringing the ice, just sooo much help with the food!  A huge thanks to my brother Roger for starting the fires and having them
ready for all to stay toasty and warm and then keeping them going all day!!  Paula Young for taking all of the pictures for us to
remember such an enjoyable event.  Mike Minor for bringing his 4-wheeler over to help us out.  I know I'm leaving folks out, so if I
didn't mention you specifically by name, please know how much we appreciate ALL who stepped in to help out.  We couldn't put the
trial on without you all stepping up to help!  I think a great time was had by all, I know Tom and I sure enjoyed it!!
Click pic to enlarge
OverAll Open - SOOT
This year we gave a charcoal drawing to the 1st place
Over-All Open Winner.  It was Awesome!!  Here's her
contact information if you are interested.
This year we gave a Etching for the 1st place
Over-All Open Winner.  It was Awesome!!  Here's
her contact information if you are interested.
Clever Sheep Farm and Stained Glass Studio