Tom & Ruth Hines
OK-Mozart Cowboy Breakfast  
Each year Bartlesville holds the OK-Mozart Festival to celibrate
the Arts in Bville. This is only possible due to many in-state and
out of-state sponsors. Each year a private meal and events is held
for the Sponsors to show appreciation for their contributions to
the Festival.
This years breakfast was held at the old west town "replication"
Prairie Song. Myself and Jack had the honor of being invited to be
one of the special events. It was to run from 9 am thru 12pm, and
since Jack and I could not work 3 hours I took some of my "Pips".  
Ruth & Kelli, Jim/Pam Hicks & Dot, Mike Blaylock as the
"announcer", and my Dad, "spectator".   Below are a few pictures.
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Tom & Jack  
(as you can tell by the
arena fence, the main
goal was not to have
cows rub-up against

Part of the town Prairie Song                                                                Ruth & Kelli

            Jim Hicks & Dot                                                                Tom & His Dad Horace Hines
       (Dot is by Jack x Bree)                                                        
Ruth and I were invited to Jim & Pam Hick's Ranch west of Skiatook, Oklahoma.
Jim was going to work his cow/calf pairs, and had never been able to get them all  
in the pen at the same time.So we got there early, but on this day they all decided to walk in
on their own. Ruth, Pam and the dogs did have to go bring in one mama with her new baby.
When Jim finished we went back to his place to play dogs. The calves were is a stand of trees,
which was very good for our dogs, since they never get to work in trees. We took Jack, Kelli &
Bree and they all did a nice job, but Bree & Hick's Dot stole the show,
they looked like they had worked together for years. (Dot, 11moths, is by Jack and out of Bree.)
We took a trip over to Ben & Leslie Means to visit, get a few pointers from Ben, and to pick up
one of his training tapes.
Kelli bring them out of the trees.
Jack- Come on in the water is fine!
Dot and Bree "Walk 'em Up."  
Dot & Bree "Well, let's go!"
January 2006
Ruth and I were invited to Bill & Kathy Smock's Hilltop Ranch south of Stroud, Oklahoma.  
Bill was needing some help getting his cow/calf pairs into the corral, plus we got to work with
dogs on getting the calves on their way to being dog broke. We took 3 dogs with us, Jack, Kelli &
Bree. All 3 dogs worked really well, we used Jack & Kelli more on the pairs, and Kelli and Bree did
a nice job with the fresh calves.

As you may know, much of Oklahoma is on fire.  The day after we were there, they had to have
6 fire units out to contain fires all over their property.  Bill and Kathy were lucky in the fact
that they didn't lose any structures (PTL), but the majority of their ranch land was burned.
Ben & Leslie Means and Tom & Ruth  
Ben showing Ruth a few pointers, while using Bree.
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